Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Franchise Buyer Direct/Sell Franchise's new blog. We hope to provide you with useful information about buying and selling franchise businesses.

Why use our services?
1. All we do are franchise re-sales.
2. We're franchise funding experts.
3. We are experienced at reviewing business financials.
4. We help you set an asking price.
5. We'll save you thousands of dollars.
6. We're a new choice that will work hard for you.
7. Your privacy is always retained.
8. We pre-qualify all potential buyers.
9. We know how and where to advertise your business.
10. We offer a simple service agreement with shorter commitment times.

For more information, contact us toll free at (888) US-LOCATE (888-875-6228) or visit us online at

Please read our blog often in the future as we plan on providing information and tips on buying and selling franchise businesses.