Monday, November 24, 2008

Tips for Selling Your Business

Selling your business? Follow these steps to increase your selling price:

  1. Differentiate yourself – If customers see your products as unique and different outside the market, you can sell more at a higher price. If your product is not different, then show customers what makes you different from the rest.
  2. Focus on niche markets – Position your products by focusing on specific industries. Pick a niche market that can drive the greatest sales and profitability.
  3. Sell unique products – Products that are unique can increase the desire of a buyer and offer protection from the competition.
  4. Reinvent yourself – Repackage what you offer to drive sales growth and profitability. Bigger sales = bigger growth and bigger offerings.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FranchiseInterviews Celebrates Anniversary

FranchiseInterviews Reaches Milestone Celebrating Two Years and Their 100th Franchise Radio Show

Almost two years ago, Franchise Interviews launched their first national radio show. Their mission in creating the show was to introduce and educate aspiring entrepreneurs on franchising. Using a grass roots marketing approach, they have been able to generate thousands of visitors to our website as well as thousands of listeners and subscribers to our weekly franchise radio show and franchise newsletter.

Since starting the show, they have received dozens of accolades.

Franchise Times magazine featured a two-page story in their November/December 2007 edition on our weekly franchise radio show.

  • Rush on Business called Franchise Interviews “A Sound Resource” in their August 15, 2007 edition.
  • Small Business Trends Radio stated, “Franchise Interviews…. The content is great. The range of topics covered is broad and comprehensive ranging from the beginner to franchising to the multi-location master franchiser.”
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal interviewed the hosts on several occasions as experts in the topic of franchising.
  • Karol Mercurio, consultant for Matchpoint, stated, “Being part of Franchise interviews was such a wonderful and positive experience for me. The information provided to the listeners who are thinking about business ownership or are currently engaged in the due diligence process is incredibly valuable. You provide your listeners with a wealth of information that will help them determine if franchising is the right path to explore or perhaps being self-employed is not an option and they should continue working on their careers.”

On Thursday, November 20 at 10AM EST, Don Johnson and Marty McDermott will discuss the last two years. They will talk about highlights from the last 100 shows, what they learned, what is ahead for the next two years and even some funny moments from the show. You will also here clips from legends in franchising like:

  • Jim Rudolph, CEO of Rita’s Water Ice franchise opportunity
  • The legendary Michael Gerber
  • Hall of fame speaker Warren Greshes
  • John Hewitt, founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax franchise opportunity
  • George Naddaff, founder of Boston Market franchise opportunity
  • Kevin Hein, one of the top franchise attorneys in the country.

Marty McDermott, the President of Franchise Interviews state, “It is so exciting to reach this milestone. We have listeners from all over North America including the world. It is a wonderful feeling to have made a positive impact on the franchise community.”

Don’t miss this two-hour special of Franchise Interviews Thursday, November 20 starting at 10AM EST! You can hear live and recorded shows by simply going to or our show page on