Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Franchise Ownership For You?

To answer this very common question, one should ponder the benefits. Since franchising includes a wide variety of industries with efficient expansion and growth, the odds are significantly higher that a franchise owner will be successful when the correct formula is used. Also, since the franchise falls under a parent company, there are benefits of a franchisor’s advice which include site selection, design, expansion, use of equipment, training, products and services, and marketing tools. Buying into an established venture allows the use of trademarks and benefits of the franchise image that may be already set in a consumer’s mind. Although a franchise owner may need to forgo some independence of entrepreneurship, the trade off is a support system that could span many years.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ShelfGenie - Thursday Jan. 22 on BlogTalk Radio

ShelfGenie Franchise Opportunity to appear on Franchise Interviews Weekly Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio Thursday, January 22, at 10AM EST.

Allan Young's successful, but short-lived, career as a small-business consultant in Richmond, Virginia was sidetracked in 2005 when he was deployed to the Middle East as an operations officer with the U.S. Army Reserve.

Young handed off some of his accounts to other consultants and returned six months later “thinking I wouldn't have any clients and would have to completely restart my business.”

One company waited. Launched out of a garage in 2000, the company designed, built and manufactured high-quality, custom Glide-Out shelving that fit existing cabinetry in kitchens, bathrooms and elsewhere throughout the home, gliding in and out with the touch of a finger and saving homeowners thousands on expensive remodeling while making their shelving more functional and easy to use.

The mother-son ownership team - Joyce Burgess and Andrew Kerwin - wanted Young to develop a growth plan and he implemented a dealership model for the business that Kerwin had launched after moving to Richmond from California , where he had worked in the shelf conversion industry and realized its potential. Within a year the company had 30 dealers throughout the country, all recruited by Young. What he saw in the industry was something he had witnessed before.

“I always viewed the closet industry as a very close cousin to ours. Looking at their history has enabled to make smarter, more strategic decisions,” Young said. “Ten to 15 years ago, the closet industry was where we were a couple of years ago. It was very fragmented and people never thought it would make it. Now you can find over 10 large, successful closet organization companies in every major market in the country.”

In what can only be described as a whirlwind, the 37-year-old Young, along with business partner and franchising veteran Barry Falcon, 56, has taken the foundation that Burgess and Kerwin established with their original concept and founded ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, the nation's only franchised provider of custom-built shelving solutions that glide in and out.

Franchising efforts were launched in May 2008. The company expects to grant two franchises a month through 2008 and expects to have 125 to 150 franchise owners by the end of 2010. ShelfGenie can be operated as a home-based business and the company is targeting major markets throughout the Northeast, Florida , Texas and California for initial growth.

ShelfGenie has planned and perfected a smooth, simple-to-operate business model.

Tune in on Thursday, January 22 at 10AM EST to find out more.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday Jan. 15 - Tune in for Naturell Franchise

Naturell Franchise Opportunity will appear on Franchise Interviews Weekly Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio Thursday, January 15, at 10AM EST.

Over the last two years, Franchise Interviews has had some of the biggest names in franchising on their weekly radio show as well as some exciting new franchise concepts. This Thursday, January 15 at 10 AM EST, franchisees to the Naturell franchise opportunity will appear on Franchise Interviews weekly radio show.

Without a college degree Mike Nero, CEO and Founder of Naturell, ventured out to the world of becoming an eco-preneur way before going green was considered "cool." Nero had been an employee for a carpet cleaning business and saw the harmful chemicals that were being used in the cleaning solutions. Nero was determined to find a solution that would be less harmful and completely organic. After all, wet carpet and dark places is the ultimate breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow - and to have your kids and pets rolling around on that is a little unsettling to the stomach.

After 10 years of testing out organic solutions out of his garage, Nero developed a cleaning solution he was completely happy with, patented it - much to his opposition - and now has a company that thrives in the San Francisco area and is opening a sea of franchises in the near future. In fact, his company, which currently has only one location, and completely organic solution is in such high demand that he turns away business opportunities, which is exactly why he wants to open more through franchising.

So here's a friendly Santa Clara that developed a completely organic solution that is, oh yeah, made from sea kelp - seaweed in Iceland 's pristine waters. Who would think about essentially rubbing seaweed on your carpeting to make for a safer environment for your kids? Nero also developed a solution that eliminates the use of gas-guzzling, vehicle powered equipment (perfect in this time of gas prices). His method even reduced drying time to 30 minutes and uses 20 times less water than traditional carpet cleaners. Talk about going green. Nero was on top of the green craze long before it was cool and he just rolled out the red carpet for a completely new segment in franchising and is making its debut as the nation's first green franchise to enter the $5.3 billion industry.

Tune in on Thursday, January 15 at 10AM EST to find out more.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Week: Superior Wash Franchise - Thursday Jan 8

Superior Wash Franchise Opportunity will appear on Franchise Interviews Weekly Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio Thursday, January 8, at 10AM EST.

Franchise Interviews ended 2008 with a fantastic interview with Christine Specht who is the President and COO of Cousins Subs. Cousin’s Subs is the brainchild of Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard.

Christine started working at Cousins Subs when she was 15 years old. Now 34, she assumed the role of president and COO in March 2008. Franchise Interview spoke to Christine about her transition from making subs, bussing tables and running the register to being Cousins Subs’ head honcho. After nearly 40 years in business, how does Cousins Subs continue to keep up with the ever-changing market? Go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/franchise-interviews/2008/12/18/cousins-subs-franchise-opportunity-meets-with-franchise-interviews to hear the whole show.

This Thursday, January 8 at 10 AM EST, Franchise Interviews will meet with Vincent Garcia and Jodi Scott, founders and owners of Superior Wash , a national 24-hour mobile fleet washing company.

The company is a leader in the fleet-washing industry and services Fortune 500 clients such as Coca-Cola, Fed-Ex, UPS and Budweiser trucks. Not only does the company help to alleviate the pressure of rising gas costs for corporate-owned fleet systems by conveniently traveling to an accounts fleet site, but they also use an environmentally friendly water recovery system in doing so. The concept was founded by Vincent and Jodi, who are former independent fleet washing competitors. They devised this unique US EPA-approved eco-friendly system as another way to set themselves apart from any other player in the industry. Not only do they target markets based on a distinctive system that differs from that of many other franchises, they also handle all billing matters differently- right in corporate headquarters. Another perk – any franchisees can start the business at home, which as you mentioned on a show preview coming up, is an increasing trend. ( SOHO )

Tune in on Thursday, January 8 10AM EST to find out more.

You can hear the live and recorded shows by going to FranchiseInterviews.com or BlogTalkRadio.com/Franchise-Interviews