Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eight Chains Mark Major Anniversaries in 2009

Author: Pam George

In the year of historic buy-outs, bail-outs and lay-offs, the following eight family-owned chains have stood fast through economic ups and downs, proving success comes in all different segments. All are marking major anniversaries in 2009 and are thriving.

Community Coffee Company – Celebrating 90 years

Carvel – Celebrating 75 years

Little Caesars – Celebrating 50 years

Culver’s – Celebrating 400 years

Fazoli’s – Celebrating 20 years

McAlister’s Deli- Celebrating 20 years

Firehouse Subs – Celebrating 15 years

Wingstop – Celebrating 15 years

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



HomeTeam has carved a niche in pre-sale inspections prior to the home's listing. Home sale transactions can fall through as the result of problems discovered during a buyer's inspection but pre-sale inspections enable necessary repairs to be made ahead of time or adjust the home price accordingly to remain as attractive to buyers.

The opportunities to succeed with HomeTeam home inspection franchise are better today then ever before. When buying a home, it has become standard practice to have a home inspection before the sale closes. In fact, the number of real estate home inspections performed each year is on the rise; almost 90 percent of all homes sold are inspected. Also, many mortgage companies now require a home inspection as a financing requirement.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

FranchiseLeasing.com Officially Launched

Hazlet, NJ – FranchiseLeasing.com, announces its official launch offering equipment leasing services for the franchise industry. FranchiseLeasing.com is an affiliate of Diamond Financial Services (N.J.) and FranchiseFunding.net, a nationwide financing service specializing in business loans and equipment leasing to the franchise industry for over 12 years.

FranchiseLeasing.com specializes in equipment leasing of new and used equipment from restaurants to offices, heavy equipment, printing, dry cleaning security, mall kiosks and much more. Franchise professionals have the advantage of speaking with highly-trained experts who understand franchise financing and can help franchise owners avoid costly and timely mistakes.

FranchiseLeasing.com is geared toward the franchise entrepreneur looking for the right tools in equipment leasing opportunities to help them succeed. “We feel FranchiseLeasing.com fills an important need in the franchising industry and offers another finance option in a tough lending environment,” said Don Johnson, Founder and President of FranchiseLeasing.com. Johnson also says “the industry needed an equipment leasing company that specializes in franchising only and is familiar with small businesses and the current economic climate.” According to Johnson, leasing provides many benefits, but most importantly it improves cash flow since leasing typically carries little in the way of up-front costs. Leasing is easier and faster than traditional business lending and allows franchise owners to have the most updated equipment to maximize production and sales.

For more information about FranchisingLeasing.com, visit www.FranchiseLeasing.com or call 877-508-2274.


(Diamond Financial Services)

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas - Thursday, September 3 at 10AM EST

On Thursday, September 3, John Martin of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Franchise Opportunity Meets with Franchise Interviews.

For over 10 years, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas has provided a unique combination of theatre and restaurant, showing first-run and independent films while offering in-theatre food and beverage service that includes an extensive menu of freshly prepared appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas and salads as well as a wide selection of hand-crafted beers and great wines. We are the only concept in the growing cinema-eatery category that is franchising.

The typical Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has four to ten screens that resemble traditional movie theatres except rows of seats alternate with bench-style tables. Individual theatre seating ranges from 75 to 320 seats. First-come, first-serve seating begins approximately 45 minutes prior to show time. Customers are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy the pre-show entertainment. Instead of a barrage of advertising, a variety of short films are shown that change on a regular basis, some with tie-ins to the feature film.

“We're proud of the fact that we don't show any advertising,” President and CEO John Martin said. “People don't want to pay for a movie and then be bombarded with 15 minutes of dancing candy and fountain drinks.”

Once seated, customers order from the menu and the friendly wait staff brings the food to their seats. Customers can continue to order throughout the movie by writing their requests using the paper and pencils on their table and placing it on the clips attached to the table. Waiters quietly collect and deliver those orders without distracting from the movie. All tabs are closed before the film ends.

For the very first time, listeners can also hear the live show from their cell phones! Just call 347-838-8238.

Franchise Interviews 's radio show is dedicated to educating & motivating aspiring entrepreneurs on franchising and features interviews with experts. Hosted by Marty McDermott & Don Johnson. You can listen on BlogTalkRadio.com, Thursday's 10A.M EST.