Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 13 at 10AM EST: Instant Tax Service

CEO, Fez Ogbazion of Instant Tax Service Meets with Franchise Interviews

Fez has an incredible story: He emigrated to the US from Ethiopia when he
was just a kid. When he began college at the University of Cincinnati, he
needed a way to earn a living that fit with his class schedule. He was
working on a degree in finance and accounting, and felt that doing taxes
would be a great fit. He could work on his skills, build a client base, and
make a little money during the short tax season. So with the help of some
credit cards and donations from friends and family, Fez opened his first tax

Within five years, Fez had 26 locations in the Cincinnati, OH area. In 1999
- realizing he needed more startup capital to build the business he
envisioned - he sold the business to Jackson Hewitt and used the money from
the proceeds to found Instant Tax Service in Dayton, OH. Fez had to start
all over again, but he'd learned a lot from his first business experience.
This time, it took him just seven years to grow his business from a single
storefront to the 4th largest tax company in the U.S.

Today, Instant Tax Service has over 1,200 locations in 34 states.
Entrepreneur Magazine ranked it the #1 new franchise in the country this
year for the second year in a row. It's consistently ranked among the
National Minority Franchising Initiative's Top 50 franchises for minorities
and was recently included among the Franchise Times' Fast 55.

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