Tuesday, November 16, 2010

America's Swimming Pool Co. - Thurs. Nov. 18 on Franchise Interviews

America's Swimming Pool Company Meets Franchise Interviews on BlogTalkRadio.com, Thursday, November 18 at 10AM EST.

Stewart Vernon launched America's Swimming Pool (ASP) at the young age of 22 after seeing a void in the fragmented and unprofessional pool service industry. He invested a few thousand dollars to purchase service equipment and a truck and got to work as a single owner-operator. In just the first four years of business, Vernon doubled annual sales every year, reaching $1 million in revenue by 2005, at age 25. He decided to launch the company as a franchise in 2006.

Today the company has 56 locations and services 100 cities, managing over 40 million gallons of water per week. ASP also renovates or remodels more than 250 pools each year. They are the most respected swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise in the Southeast.

Join Marty and Don as they interview this rapidly growing franchise.

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