Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Franchise Interviews Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Michael Gerber - Wed. Nov. 24

Franchise Interviews Celebrates it 4th Anniversary and 200th Show with Michael Gerber, Celebrated Author, on BlogTalkRadio.com, Wednesday, November 24 at 10AM EST.

We couldn't think of anyone better to celebrate our 4th year anniversary and 200th show than Michael Gerber. Michael has probably been mentioned more times on Franchise Interviews than any other personality in franchising and entrepreneurship. Michael will receive a life-time authors achievement award this December in New York City, which happens to take place the same year as The E-Myth celebrates 25 years.

In addition, its is now the 5th Anniversary for the Dreaming Room and the last one to be lead by Michael himself is taking place in December. Going forward, these "entrepreneurial incubator programs" will be lead by certified facilitators around the globe. We are also going to discuss with Michael a recent venture of partners producing the vertical E-Myth Books - an E-Myth book for each industry!

Congratulations Franchise Interviews!

Join Marty and Don as they interview this rapidly growing franchise.

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